The Australian Museum education team welcome more than 47,000 students through the door each year for self-guided and educator-led programs.

A group of students from the Special Education Unit at Endeavour Sports High School visited the Museum last week. They toured through a number of exhibitions including Wild Planet, Surviving Australia and Dinosaurs  with Museum educator, Mat Sloane. The students were very excited about coming to the Museum, and one student, Edwin, had drawn a picture of a Diprotodon and Giant Short-faced Kangaroo (Procoptodon), which he gifted to the Museum. The pictures have now taken pride of place in one of our education spaces where megafauna lessons are taught to high school students.

Here is the students’ report from their visit:

We arrived at the Museum to meet our guide, Mat. We were all very excited. First we went to the animal exhibition. We saw lions, mountain lions, sloth bears, grizzly bears, bugs, Australian dingos, giraffes and many more animals. Next we went to the ocean area. We saw fish, whales and sharks. Then Mat took us upstairs to see the dinosaur display. We saw the most dangerous Australian animals and 2 other different Australian dinosaurs. Next we saw a huge T Rex. We noticed it had different bones and limbs. We saw a brachiosaurus fossil, a stegosaurus fossil, and a triceratops fossil. Our favourite display was the T Rex. Mat was very nice and we enjoyed our day at the Museum very much .

The Australian Musuem is Australia's first museum and home to the largest collection of natural and cultural specimens in the southern hemisphere. General admission is FREE for under-16s and high school students. Bookings are required.

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