The South Lawson Bushcare group has been working to control weeds and rejuvenate natural bushland for 20 years.

Along with bush regeneration the South Lawson group is also part of the Australian Museums Streamwatch program. Water quality is monitored on a monthly basis including testing oxygen, phosphate, saltiness, pH and turbidity levels. Water quality data is recorded and can act as an early warning system for pollution events and provides a valuable record of catchment health.

The South Lawson Bushcare group has created a short film highlighting the area’s beautiful habitats and recognises the work done by dedicated residents to protect local bushland areas. Blue Mountains Bushcare: South Lawson Park has been produced by Peter Ardill and Vera Hong. Directed by local film-maker Vera Hong the film explores bushland values, the ongoing threats that urban bushland faces and how the citizen science groups managed these challenges. The film contains some beautifully filmed scenes of the Lawson Creek catchment.

View the short film Blue Mountains Bushcare: South Lawson Park

Learn more about the South Lawson Park Bushcare group on their website. The Australian Citizen Science Project Finder can help you locate a citizen science project near you. Get involved today.