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Australia has over 240 known species of frog, almost all of which are found nowhere else in the world. Some species are flourishing, like the Striped Marsh Frog. But others have declined dramatically since the 1980s, and four have become extinct.

FrogID is a national citizen science project that is helping us learn more about what is happening to Australia’s frogs. All around the country, people are recording frog calls with nothing more than a smartphone. FrogID recently won the 2019 Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science.

With the data obtained through FrogID we are able to track the Cane Toad and identify where frogs are thriving and where they aren’t. And by matching calls to weather and habitat, we are learning more about how different frog species are responding to a changing environment. Visit the FrogID website for more information - including an interactive map of verified frog calls - or you can read the academic paper on the preliminary FrogID findings here.

The Australian Museum foundation is seeking donor support for this groundbreaking project.

Frogs are making it as easy for us as possible and they're actually yelling out what species they are Dr Jodi Rowley

FrogID Stats Image: Australian Museum
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