Bunnings partnered with the Australian Museum on the National Frog Pond Building Project. This collaboration was in support of the Australian Museum’s award-winning national citizen science project, FrogID.

With the support of the Australian Museum, Bunnings engaged with schools across Australia aiding and educating on how to build ‘frog-friendly’ environments for the vulnerable species. Throughout the partnership, Bunnings and the Australian Museum helped build more than 200 school frog ponds across the country making a lasting positive environmental impact.

The National Frog Pond Project allowed Bunnings to showcase an engaged level of corporate social responsibility by engaging directly with the local community. Schools and students engaged in small scale conservation efforts firsthand using readily available Bunnings materials. The grassroots level program also created an owned school site for students to safely learn about frogs, conservation, and water health.

As part of project, the Australian Museum provided in-store FrogID workshops and child-friendly activities across Bunnings’ national network of stores integrating the partnership on a broad scale. This provided Bunnings with an engaging and educational space within each of its stores – bringing the spirit of the Museum to the local community.