Australian Museum partners with Fyna Foods to bring Palm Oil Free Chocolate Frogs to the Fore!

4 May, 2018. Sydney, Australia: The Australian Museum (AM) and Fyna Foods have announced a new partnership to support the Australian Museum’s ground-breaking national citizen science project, FrogID - Australia’s first national frog count.

Fyna Foods, a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of confectionery products, will provide valuable financial support to FrogID as well as contributing product to the Australian Museum’s popular school holiday programs.

Australian Museum Director and CEO, Kim McKay AO, welcomed Fyna Foods to the Australian Museum’s partnership program.

“FrogID is the AM’s flagship citizen science project which uses ‘people power’ to explore and help conserve Australia’s bio-diversity and frog populations.  With Fyna Foods’ support we will be able to increase the impact of FrogID, which will assist in raising awareness of the important role frogs play in our eco-system,” she said.

“The Australian Museum is to be congratulated on their leadership initiating the FrogID project, and Fyna Foods is thrilled to become a partner in this ground-breaking project as Fyna Foods’ chocolate frogs are palm oil free.

“The location, number and health of frogs are indicators of the health of our natural environment. We hope that future generations continue to enjoy our great products, just as we hope frogs are there croaking away in creeks, waterholes & rivers,” CEO, Fyna Foods, Gillian Powell said.

FrogID is a citizen science project that uses mobile phone technology and “audio DNA” to discover where frogs are at risk and how to conserve them and our waterways.

The free FrogID app, developed in partnership with IBM, identifies frog species by the sounds they make – from croaks and chirps, to whistles and barks. This multi-year citizen science program encourages the public to make a meaningful contribution to our scientific understanding of the world. The Australian Museum is leading FrogID in partnership with natural science museums in every Australian state and territory.

One of Australia’s leading frog experts, and project director, Dr. Jodi Rowley, Curator, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology, Australian Museum said, “Frogs are at a tipping point in the environment.

They are a huge component of the eco-system. If you piled up all the animals in the forest, amphibians would be the biggest mass pile. They eat a huge number of insects and without them, crops and plants would be overrun by insects. The really are the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ of climate change.”

Since the November 2017 launch, FrogID has had over 18,800 calls submitted with 142 frog species identified. As Rowley says, “Users from across the country have made amazing contributions to the FrogID app. We have range extensions, new populations of frogs in places we didn’t know, and we are getting a really good understanding of how frogs are responding to weather. With the help of Fyna Foods we can all put more frog species on the map and help protect Australia’s frogs and the waterways they call home.” 

School Holidays: Fascinating Frogs Activity Room

For wannabe pet owners minus the hairballs, messes and vet bills, we invite you to join us these school holidays to decorate your own pet rock frog. Frogs come in a chorus of colours and we provide an array of paint markers for your child to transform an ordinary rock into a work of art! Attendees will be greeted with live frogs from The Frog and Tadpole Society and enjoy other froggy activities in this exclusive space. Once all activities are completed, children receive a prize of a delicious chocolate frog from our supporting partner, Fyna Foods.

Ages: 4+ years
Dates: 23-29 April
Times: 10:30am–1:30pm
Cost: $10 per child, Adults free after general admission.

Background: Fyna Foods Australia started over 70 years ago by Arthur & Marjorie Campbell. True entrepreneurs, they turned what began as a jam making business in their backyard into the successful company it is today. Starting with brands such as Wizz Fizz, today their repertoire also includes Ballantyne, Fads, Big Boss, Pink Lady and Mates. All of which were purchased by Campbell family over many decades. Fyna Foods Australia is still Australian owned by the very same family today. With Arthur’s passing, the business now resides with his son Terry Campbell. One of our more recent brands is Australian Bush Friends. This range consists of moulded premium chocolate animals in counter ready tubs. The Australian Bush Friends range is committed to wildlife and environment conservation and prides itself on its involvement with important awareness efforts around Australia.

About the Australian Museum (AM)

The AM, founded in 1827 is the nation’s first museum, and is an internationally recognised natural science and culture institution focused on Australia and the Pacific. As custodian of more than 18 million objects, the AM is uniquely positioned to provide a greater understanding of the region through its scientific research, exhibitions and public and education programs. Through the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI), the AM also has a leading role in conserving Australia’s biodiversity through understanding the environmental impacts of climate change, potential biosecurity threats and invasive species.

Help save our frogs by downloading the free FrogID app. Find out more at

Frogs by Fyna Foods are also available in all good food stores throughout the nation.

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