After a lot of reflection, discussions with my partner and with the Trust, I have decided not to apply for a further contract as Director of this wonderful Museum when my current contract expires in February next year.

The 10 years I will have been part of the team here have been a mix of exhilaration, creativity and a large number of people achieving a lot, which I have been (and still am; I haven’t gone yet!) lucky enough to be part of.

The Museum is entering a major new phase in the shape of the New Museum project. I believe that the transformation that will occur with that project will take another 10 years, and that it will be important to have one person as Director to see that process through from plan to completion.

I intend to stick around until a new Director is appointed so we have a smooth handover. I anticipate that will occur sometime in the first half of next year.

I hasten to add that I’m not one who likes the “R” word, at least not yet. I’m not retiring from the working world. Instead, Peter and I want to travel a bit around mid next year, and I want to devote some more time to my role as President of Museums Australia. I also intend to remain a Trustee of the Australian Museum and Lizard Island Foundations. I’ll be looking for other roles, part or full time in the arts, culture and science sectors after we have a bit of a break.

Now, back to work…

(More information is available in our media release.)