I washed a couple of my clothes this morning, and caught myself standing near the makeshift clothes line, sniffing the armpits of one of my t-shirts, amazed that it smelt good. What has happened to me!?

After the semi-regular downpour just before nightfall, we headed out to survey. Because we’ve surveyed in the area for a while now, almost all of the frogs we’ve seen before, so it was great to find one species that we hadn’t seen- a large tree frog, just sitting near the hut! I also recorded the call of a couple of cascade frogs, but the stream was raging and almost washed me away during my attempts.

My feet have seen better days- I’m trying desperately to cling on to my big-toenails, and I no longer have ankles, from hitting them on rocks in the stream.

Welcome to the Jungle - Day 11b

Tomorrow we head back to the edge of the forest for our last survey night.

Come back to the Science Bytes blog tomorrow for highlights of Day 12- the last blog entry for this trip!