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Short-tailed Paradigalla drawn by William T. Cooper Image: William T. Cooper
© William T. Cooper

Fast Facts

Common name

Short-tailed Paradigalla

Scientific name

Paradigalla brevicauda


Paradigalla (combination of Paradisaea + Gallus (Latin, jungle fowl); brevicauda (Latin, short tail)


Sexually monomorphic. Adult male,23 cm; adult female, 22 cm. Stocky build, overall black, with bright yellow wattle on forehead and face and light blue on base of lower mandible. Female is duller, more brownish than male and has longer tail.


Fruit and small animals, including insects, spiders, worms, frogs and skinks.


Mid montane forests, including forest edge, secondary growth and garden edges; 1400-2580 m, mainly 1600-2400m.


Assumed to be polygynous with males displaying solitarily; display season and courtship unknown.


Breeding noted all months except March and November. Female builds cup-shaped nest, often reusing the same one, and attends to nest alone; incubation more than 20 days; nestling period 25 days. No hybridisation is known.

Status and conservation

Not globally threatened; widespread but patchily distributed.


New Guinea: Western and central central ranges, from the Weyland Mountains eastward to Mount Karimui and Bismarck Range.