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Curl-crested Manucode Image: William T. Cooper
© William T. Cooper

Fast Facts

Common name

Curl-crested Manucode

Scientific name

Manucodia comrii


Manucodia (old Javanese (Malay) Manuk dewata = birds of the gods); comrii (named for Dr PM Comrie, British naval surgeon and collector; common name refers to structure of feathers on crown.


Sexually monomorphic. Adults, 43 cm long. Deep iridescent blue-black with crown feathers curled and neck feathers crinkled, all tipped with iridescent yellowish-green with blue and purple sheens.




Wooded habitats from lowland to upper montane forests and forest edges, including woodlands, savannas, disused gardens and sometimes mangroves; 0-2000 m.


Display recorded in late September, otherwise season duration and courtship behaviour unknown.


Breeding occurs at least June-November and in March. Nest building recorded in mid November, with nests suspended in fork of tree branch. Incubation and nestling periods unknown.

Status and conservation

Not threatened; fairly common within restricted range; Trobriand Islands perhaps at risk from habitat loss.


Papua New Guinea: D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago (Goodenough, Wagifa, Fergusson, Normanby and Dobu Islands) and Trobriand Islands (Kiriwina and Kaileuna).