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Paradise Crow Image: William T. Cooper
© William T. Cooper

Fast Facts

Common name

Paradise Crow

Scientific name

Lycocorax pyrrhopterus


Lycocorax (from Lycos, old generic name for Jackdaw plus Greek corax, raven); pyrrhopterus (Greek, red-winged); common name refers to superficial crow-like appearance and affinity with other birds of paradise.


Sexually monomorphic. Male, 42 cm; female, generally slightly smaller. Both sexes have somewhat glossy blackish brown head, grey mantle, back and rump, and reddish brown wings with white patch visible when open.


Fruits and some arthropods.


Lowlands, hills, and mid montane forests; also in open agricultural land among scattered scrubs, trees and orchards; 0-1700 m.


Display season and courtship unknown. Hybridisation not expected to occur.


Breeding occurs at least December-early June. Assumed that nest is attended by both sexes.

Status and conservation

Not threatened; restricted range but locally to moderately common.


Indonesia: Maluku Utara Islands: Halmahera, Kasiruta, Bacan, Obi, Bisa, Morotai.