Professor Tanya Monro from the University of South Australia was part of the winning team for the UNSW Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research, along with colleagues Professor Dayong Jin and Professor Bradley Walsh.

Professor Tanya Monro
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Eureka Prizes: Tell us a bit about your Eureka Prizes experience.
Professor Monro: I was really pleased to have the chance to enter this prestigious award with this particular work because it is something that I think really pushed the envelope, and couldn't have happened without the inputs from different disciplines.

Eureka Prizes: How did it feel when your team was announced the winner?
Professor Monro: Absolutely thrilled and elated. While I knew we were a good team with strong results, the competitors are always amazing in the Eureka Prizes, so I didn't assume for a moment that we would win.

Eureka Prizes: What has been the most surprising thing about being a Eureka Prize winner?
Professor Monro: I've been surprised about how much media attention this win has garnered – they really are the "Oscars" of science!

Eureka Prizes: How has the win impacted the work of your team?
Professor Monro: It gives it the profile we need to drive it forward.

Eureka Prizes: Do you have any tips for those entering the Eureka Prizes in 2016?
Professor Monro: Take the work that makes you proud and tell the world about it - it is a great mechanism for reflecting on where you have gotten to, and where it might take you.

Eureka Prizes: And finally…where do you keep your trophy?
Professor Monro: In my office at work!

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