Associate Professor Frank Bruno from the University of South Australia was part of the winning team for the ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology, along with colleagues Dr Martin Belusko and Dr Steven Tay.

Associate Professor Bruno tells us what winning a Eureka Prize has meant to him and his team’s research.

Eureka Prizes: Tell us a bit about your Eureka Prizes experience.
The Eureka Prizes Award Dinner is a night where you get to meet and spend time with Australia’s leading scientists, who share a common interest in solving problems and making a positive difference to our world. Immediately after your win you are inundated with calls from the media where you have the opportunity to talk about your research to a wide range of audiences. You and your research become substantially more recognised and important. It’s an amazing experience.

Eureka Prizes: How did it feel when your team was announced the winner?
While I knew the team I led had developed significant leading-edge technology and stood a great chance, I was still surprised when the announcement was made. We were all extremely excited.

Eureka Prizes: What has been the most surprising thing about being a Eureka Prize winner?
Having countless people from all over the world being aware of you and your research. I had messages of congratulations from throughout Australia and overseas. It has also initiated other research in different fields and applications.

Eureka Prizes: How has the win impacted the work of your team?
The win has assisted us in attracting substantial funding to investigate the application of the technology in other areas.

Eureka Prizes: Do you have any tips for those entering the Eureka Prizes in 2016?
Ensure that you can address the judging criteria before you start. Use people of recognised standing as your assessors. Be concise, and communicate as though your audience are not experts in your field.

Eureka Prizes: And finally…where do you keep your trophy?
In the living room at home.

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