After 39 Days at sea the Plastiki has reached land.

The Plastiki has arrived safely at their first stop the Line Islands. In summary the crew appeared to have coped with the confinement really well but most importantly Plastiki has coped well in all weather conditions.

The crew of six have used their humour and play jokes on each other to past the time. They have received many pirate jokes and some are hilarious.

One of the crew, Vern became a father a few days ago. His son was born on Earth Day and he was able to Skype with his wife and talk to her during the birth. He will fly home to meet his son for the first time. I am thinking his son will forgive him for not being there when he was born when he finds out that Vern was part of an expedition to spread the word on looking after the planet for his generation and now for his son’s generation. Congrats Vern!!!

The crew have some activities planned while they are on land and I look forward to hearing about what they get up too.

Remember “Habits made today will help life tomorrow.”