Happy New Year and welcome to the International Year of Biodiversity

All life on earth is linked to Biodiversity. All ecosystems that exist on our planet are part of the Biodiversity that sustains our planet. All humans, plants and animals are part of Biodiversity.

There are different types of ecosystems such as Tundra, Deserts, Coral Reefs, Rainforests and Wetlands. Ecosystems vary in size. They can be as big as a desert or as small as a puddle. Ecosystems and the life that lives within the ecosystem rely on each other for survival. It is important for ecosystems to keep a balance or else they will fail.

The protection of delicate ecosystems is important as ecosystems are linked. Threats to ecosystems such as Climate Change can upset the balance and then cause a domino effect.

During the year there will be a lot of things happening and information to share to increase our understanding of biodiversity and how Biodiversity helps sustain our planet.

Remember ‘Habits made today will help life tomorrow’.