Tough negotiations begin.

As we head into the second week of the climate conference we are already witnessing how difficult it is going to be for all countries to agree on an agreement. We have seen poorer countries walking out of discussions as they feel they are not being heard. It was very sad to see the negotiator for the small island of Tuvalu crying because he knows an agreement is needed for his island not to be lost to sea level rise. Tuvalu is our neighbour and the only right thing to do is help them. We are all in this together and it makes sense to work together to find a workable solution for all.

As I see it world leaders have two choices. One, to work together and agree on an agreement that will ensure a sustainable future or two, do nothing and leave the mess to my generation.

At this stage countries are divided, some want to build on the Kyoto agreement as it is the only legal binding document and it locks in the countries that have been producing most the emissions and others want a new agreement. Both agreements involve large amounts of money and some countries look like they are trying to avoid their responsibility.

Australia has a big role to play in these discussions along with other large industrial nations. Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong and their team of delegates representing Australians have a huge responsibility to ensure a positive outcome is reached so that we will have a sustainable country and future.

As world leaders arrive in Copenhagen from today I think discussions will become more intense. There are only a few days left to agree on an agreement but I think an agreement won’t be reached until the last few hours.

It will be interesting to see who takes leadership and how much political will is used to come up with a plan to help us and the planet.

My wish for Christmas is still a climate change agreement for the planet.

Remember ‘Habits made today will help life tomorrow’.