A blog series about our 2015 research expedition into the Simpson Desert

Simpson Desert Expedition 2015: Introduction

Follow our scientists as they journey into one of the most remote areas on the planet. Read full article.  

Blog 1: The journey begins

The first missive from journalist Jo Stewart, who is documenting the work of our science team in the Simpson Desert. Read full article.

Blog 2: A camel's pace

Jo Stewart reports on the minutiae the desert can reveal while slow-travelling. Read full article.

Blog 3: Desert oasis

The team comes across life in the desert. Read full article. 

Blog 4: Treasures in the dunes
Despite the Desert's harshness and unpredictibility, it offers stunning beauty. Read full article.   

Blog 5: Back in Birdsville
The team arrives safely at their original departure point and reflect on the journey. Read full article. 


Follow the journey with regular postings here on the Museum’s blog page, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels using the #AMexpedition hashtag.

The Australian Museum Simpson Desert Expedition is funded by a grant from the Australian Museum Foundation.