As we have been deep in app development for a series of current and upcoming projects we have been undertaking a heap of user-testing. We have been using a mixture of quantitative methods, such as surveys and Google Analytics reports, as well as qualitative methods, including surveys, depth interviews, observations and task-based testing.

Came across this useful resource, 10 tips for testing apps for the real world, from TechRepublic:

  1. Think about how people will use the application
  2. Consider environmental conditions
  3. Develop a comprehensive test plan
  4. Actively engage users in testing
  5. Engage users up front in app design
  6. Prototype, prototype, prototype
  7. Build scalability into your app
  8. Include security and lockdown
  9. Use standard APIs for app interfaces
  10. Make testing everybody’s business

Our user-testing experiences to date have been eye-oepning to say the least, and we'll be continuing testing over the next little while so will keep you posted.