People love to sit around a table and share - whether it's a meal, a conversation over coffee, a bunch of papers to discuss, maps to pore over, photos to compare - we do this around a table. Why not at a museum too?

Humans are curious creatures and social beings. We love to share, and sharing aorund a table is one major way we do this. Nowadays, technology is making the sharing of museum content and experiences easier via the use of interactive tabletops.

We are working with Sydney University School of Information Technologies, computer human adapted interaction group, on prototyping some of this technology with our visitors. This project is part of the Smart Services CRC-funded research project, Identity-based personalised mobile content. Here's some links I promised to send the group after our meeting today.

Museum research on use of social media

Our work with the Coalition of Knowledge Building Schools

Ideum's tabletop

Other neat stuff

Look forward to continuing what, to date, has been a productive, fun and interesting working relationship.