Yes, indeed. #MuseumMascot day. The day that celebrates all those museum objects/animals/exhibits that bring our collections to life on Twitter.

Did you know that Damien @Hirst_Shark tweets? Or @MauricetheMiner from the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield? How about @OsinTheDeer from the Warwickshire Museum? Maybe @WallStreetBull is more your style? Even the annoying @NatHistMosquito? And, not forgetting our very own @mrblobbyAM - the Museum's most famous psychrolutid fish, and actually the most famous fish!

Welcome to the whacky, and slightly weird, underworld of museum objects that tweet. Want to know more? Follow the hashtag #MuseumMascot or go to the Museum 140 wiki for the most current list of tweeters.

And remember, in space noone can hear @MunchsThe Scream ... or can they?