Post from the PBS parents website (US), via Derek Baird, called How to Choose iPhone Apps for Kids. Some of the principles which I think apply across the board are:

  • choose apps that provide true interactivity in order to "make something happen"
  • stay with trusted content providers, read ratings and reviews
  • choose apps that engage all the senses, offer variations on a theme, not too repetitive and stimulate conversation "long after the device is put away"
  • be careful about geo-location
  • "niche educational apps…within categories such as behavior, writing, science, math are about to break loose"
  • e-books will become huge

And, in O'Malley's summary:

"I suspect that someday we'll look back at the early 2000's as a major turning point in the way we consume information. Our children will be the first to grow up in the Touch Generation. Without the steep computer learning curve that past children faced, imagine how much faster these kids will be absorbing information?"

Interesting times indeed!