Museum in a Box is an exciting outreach program for educational institutions across Australia. There are over 30 different boxes containing real museum specimens, casts, artifacts, dioramas, images, digital resources, books and teachers notes.

Museum in a Box is available for set three week loan periods and can be sent to any educational institution across Australia.

The Pacific Cultures Museum in a Box aims to provide a variety of hands-on resources and educational activities for students of a range of ability in Stages 1-4 to enrich their understanding of the wide variety of cultures of the Pacific islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia.

Contents of the Pacific Cultures Museum in a Box

Click on an image to see a slideshow of the contents of the box.

  • Term 1 Week 2 – 4
    1 February - 19 February (Bookings close 22nd January)
  • Term 1 Week 7 – 9
    8 March – 26 March (Bookings close 26th February)
  • Term 2 Week 1 – 3
    19 April - 7 May (Bookings close 9th April)
  • Term 2 Week 7 – 9
    31 May - 18 June (Bookings close 21st May)
  • Term 3 Week 1 – 3
    12 July – 30 July (Bookings close 2nd July)
  • Term 3 Week 7 – 9
    23 August – 10 September (Bookings close 13th August)
  • Term 4 Week 1 – 3
    4 October – 22 October (Bookings close 24th September)
  • Term 4 Week 7 – 9
    15 November - 3 December (Bookings close 5th November)

Museum in a Box® can be borrowed by any educational institution across Australia.

A charge applies to loan the Museum in a Box program for 3 weeks. This charge covers booking, handling, maintenance and freight of the box to and from any school or education institution. Please ensure you read the risk assessment before you book. A tax invoice will be sent after you book.

$110 (incl. GST) per box for NSW regional schools, PSFP schools and NSW age care facilities.

$154 (incl GST) per box for Greater Sydney postcodes; 2250 - 2260, 2500 - 2526, 2555 - 2573 & 2745 - 2770

$182 (incl. GST) per box for Sydney Metropolitan schools and interstate organisations.

The Australian Museum applies the designation of Sydney Metropolitan to schools with postcodes up to and including 2234.

Information to assist teachers in risk management planning for Museum in a Box

This information is provided to help you get the most out of your Museum in a Box. There are 30 different topics to choose from, however the following information is not applicable to all boxes.

Boxes are to be supervised by teachers and staff at all times.

Potential Risks

Maximum weight of boxes is 30kg

  • manual handling issues
  • always use 2 adults to move or lift the box or use trolley

Lid closure

  • closing fingers and hands in lid
  • always close the lid and latch after use
  • adult supervision of boxes at all times

Electrical cables

  • tripping
  • sparks and electrocution
  • do not run cables across floor
  • electrical tagging and testing is regularly undertaken by the Australian Museum


  • some specimens have spines or claws
  • some specimens may become sharp if broken or damaged
  • always touch and handle specimens with care
  • report any broken or damaged items on the feedback form provided and remove item from use

Choking hazards

  • small items may pose a potential choking hazard
  • where possible small items are avoided when creating new boxes
  • supervise students and children when using the boxes


  • some activities include field work
  • School safety procedure must be followed and students must be supervised at all times.

Please contact staff if you have any questions about the boxes or require additional information.

Museum in a Box can be booked for set 3 week loan periods. Have a look at the selection of topics available to work out the best option for your school.

Bookings can be made using the online form below or by phone on 02 93206197.

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