In our app the Explore function is a fun guide to identifying and exploring Australia’s unique and diverse frog fauna. It contains an illustration of a frog, with sections you can alter using touch points. This enables you to explore the attributes possessed by different frog species.

We grouped frogs in the following categories:

  • Body colour
  • Belly colour
  • Toe discs
  • Toe webbing
  • Location by State

These categories act as a framework for grouping similar species together, giving you a practical way to identify frogs.

App Explore - FFG
App Explore - FFG Image: Australian Museum
© Australian Museum

It is important to note that frogs of the same species often vary dramatically in colour, with some individual frogs even changing colour over time! Therefore, to assist in identification we have grouped frog species under broad colour categories.

We would be very excited to hear from you about how you are using this function wherever you happen to be.

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Have fun exploring our Australian frogs!