The DigiVol blog series features stories about our Volunteer Digitisation program that includes citizen scientists in the lab and online.

Find out more here about two very different experiences shared by DigiVols outside of the lab.

Each year, a large group of DigiVols converge on the atmospheric Genesian theatre located in a charming historic church on Kent St to see a play together on a late Sunday afternoon followed by a convivial supper at a local restaurant.

This year was particularly memorable when one of our stoic volunteers was coerced into playing an impromptu Ophelia on stage during the very funny ‘The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged). She (who will remain nameless) brought the house down and did us proud, even if she wasn’t suitably attired in her DigiVol T shirt! The play is notable for holding the (self-proclaimed) world record for the shortest-ever performance of Hamlet, clocking in at 43 seconds, as well as the fastest performance of Hamlet backwards, at 42 seconds. And the play did not disappoint!

Another group of DigiVols enjoyed recently the gastronomic delights of a superb French restaurant owned by one of the DigiVols. This restaurant has been heavily profiled as it is a contestant in a current reality restaurant show. At our daily morning teas in DigiVol, we often talk about many varied topics which most of us have some knowledge, interest and experience. However, the workings of a reality restaurant show is like a completely new ‘species’ of conversation for us and the inside knowledge and lowdown on ‘showbizz’ has been a continuous thread of entertaining conversation over the last couple of months.

And what about the food? Tres magnifique! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we don’t make it an annual DigiVol dinner not to be missed, assuming that we can get a booking due to its popularity. Although, we do have a contact.

Our very popular ‘Where in the World is DigiVol’ in the DigiVol lab continues to expand with over 35 photos adorning one of the walls. Our intrepid DigiVols and staff have taken their DigiVol T shirts to all 4 corners of the world and posted some amazing selfies wearing their T-shirts.