Just as we learn very differently in the physical space the same goes for the digital and mobile spaces.

A nice post Understanding Difference: What Happens When We Recognize That Different People Become (Digitally) Literate In Different Ways on the Playback website.

Reminds me that, just as we have many different learning styles in the physical space, there are as many diverse approaches to learning in both the online and now, increasingly, the mobile world. I have written elsewhere about the idea of museum visitors as streakers, strollers and students and am toying with this further in the ways we approach app development. The way app navigation has evolved, I believe, enables us to accomodate two types of users - readers (or browsers) and users. A good example (and I'm in no way endorsing a product here) is the Super Food Ideas app - the nav allows for those who like reading the magazine, with a "cook mode" for those who want to use the app to actually cook. I find this multi-approach to learners/users interesting and will be playing around a bit more with these ideas as we develop an app right now.

More on that soon...