Judgement by his Peers - 1978
Judgement by his Peers - 1978, Oil on Canvas Artist Gordon Syron Image: Elaine Kitchner
© Gordon Syron

On Monday 12th of July the Honourable Micheal Kirby opened The Keeping Place exhibition. This exhibition showcases 23 artworks chosen from Gordon and Elaine Syron's collection of over 1400 paintings, sculptures, artefacts and photographs by artists including Clifford Possum, Bronwyn Bancroft and Sally Morgan.

Gordon and Elaine have been collecting Indigenous art for over 30 years to preserve and maintain it for Indigenous people. They are now seeking a permanent home for this collection. Gordon spoke of the value that Indigenous Australian people place on having ownership and control of their own culture. The Keeping Place exhibit is one important step in that direction. Curator Sheryl Connors believes it is important that these works be seen by the public, as "They come from all over Australia, some historic, of styles we will not see again, putting across a meaning with the artists speaking for themselves".

The launch was attended by over 40 Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics, artists, museum employees and media from across Sydney. Visitors to the exhibition can explore differing art styles, materials and subject matter of traditional and contemporary Indigenous Australian art.