We recently held our mid year event at Warragamba Dam

We would like to thank all the Streamwatch volunteers that came out to Warragamba Dam for our midyear event. It was a great day providing Streamwatch volunteers a chance to catch up and enjoy presentation in a fabulous venue.

Joe Perra from WaterNSW gave the group a presentation on Validation of Grazing Module. WaterNSW funds catchment incentives in grazing land, such as riparian fencing, revegetation and grazier education, with the aim of reducing the potential for grazed areas to contribute pollutants to stream during rainfall events. The benefits of these actions have, to date, been inferred based on literature and on an understanding of the basic mechanisms that effect the runoff of pollutants to stream from grazing land. There is a need to quantify the impact of different management actions in terms of their effect on water quality. The grazing evaluation trial project was initiated with the aim of collecting data to inform the grazing evaluation model in terms of pathogen and nutrient runoff from known stock levels and runoff. Joe also discussed the proposed carp eradication program.

Volunteers enjoyed a lovely lunch looking out over Warragamba Dam and were able to then have a tour of the site.

Chullora Wetlands

A special thanks to WaterNSW for hosting us and to Joe Perra for his fascinating presentations.