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The descriptor is part of the information system devised to aid communication. It is primarily used in marketing and external communication but can also be useful for internal and corporate communication.

The descriptor is a short label that directly and succinctly communicates the specifics. At a glance, the viewer should know if they were looking at an exhibition, night talk or workshop. This also allows for our brand voice in the heading or copy.


A descriptor should:

  • Always located on the top left.
  • Be correctly styled, see Typography.
  • Ideally from the list of descriptors below (some exceptions allowed).
  • Clear and easily understood by an external audience. Avoid internal language or jargon.
  • Succinct, limit length within 4 words.
  • Useful and functional. Avoid being too vague or too specific.
  • Not be a call to action or web address e.g. "Opening Soon", "Book Now", "australianmeseum.net.au"

There are instances when the Descriptor is not used. These could include:

  • Space limitations e.g. digital banner ads
  • Irrelevant e.g. internal reports, FOH signage

List of Descriptors

Below is the current list of Descriptors. This is an evolving list that will constantly adapt to the AM's needs.

Descriptor What is it? What does it cover?
Access Any material concerning accessibility Accessibility & Sustainability Action plan
Australian Museum Foundation Fundraising arm of the Museum All fundraising activities
Australian Museum Research Institute Science and research institute of the Museum All science and research communications and publications
Citizen Science Volunteer sciences and activities FrogID, DigiVol, Streamwatch, Cockatoo Wingtags, Australasian fishes, Wildlife spotter, ACSA
Collection Care & Conservation Conservation of the collection
Education Programs and content related to schools Primary, High-school, online content
Kids All museum kids programs Playgroups, school holidays, programs and events
Library The museum on-site Library Anything related to the library
Members Join the Museum All things exclusive to members, or promotion of members
Research All scientific research divisions AMRI, Life sciences, ACWG, Lizard Island, all research
Seniors Anything directly aimed at seniors Seniors day
Store The museum on-site store Promotion of store, sales, exclusives
Volunteers Everything volunteers related Anything directly related to volunteering, or promotion of volunteering opportunities
Descriptor What is it? What does it cover?
Annual Report The year in review The Annual Report
Climate Change All impacts of Climate change Articles, initiatives, education around global warming
Cultural Connections Culturally related content
Exhibitions Exhibitions on-site at the AM
First Nations All Australian First Nations content All First Nations programs and events
Journals & Publications All science papers or publications the AM has contributed to Exhibition books, journals, articles (print and online)
News All breaking AM news
Pacific Material from across Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia All Pacific programs and events
Species Sheets Website pages, fact sheets Fact sheets
Touring Exhibitions Touring exhibitions created by the AM Spiders - Alive and Deadly, Capturing Nature etc.
Visitor Information Information visitors would seek Maps, toilets, accessibility, opening hours, address etc.
Descriptor What is it? What does it cover?
After-hours Program’s aimed at adults after work hours Murder at the Museum, Jurassic Lounge etc.
Dinosaur Festival Yearly dinosaur festival for kids All promotion, guides, workshops etc.
Events Grouping of any series of events, workshops Weave, Series of talks etc.
Expeditions Expeditions undertaken by the AM Ball’s Pyramid expedition
Functions & Venues Function and venue spaces for hire Hiring details, excludes information on actual functions
Museum in a box Themed education boxes All promotion and information regarding MIAB
School Holidays Programs run for kids over school holidays All promotion, guides, maps, etc.
Science Awards The AM Eureka Prizes event Promotion, announcements, information etc.
Special event Something needing special attention One-off events, special programming within the AM
Sydney Science Festival Yearly School science festival All promotion material, guides
Talks & screenings Talks series and screenings HumanNature, film screenings etc.
Tours Guided tours of the AM, recorded tours Any kind of tour within the AM
Workshops Craft workshops, upskilling, education Workshops hosted at the AM, or by the AM