This engaging full day program has been developed by the Australian Museum, the Botanic Gardens Greater Sydney and Taronga Zoo as a specially designed replacement for the popular Evolution of Australian Biota study days.

Students will examine fossils, specimens, live animals and plants to understand biological diversity by explaining the relationships between a range of organisms in terms of specialisation for selected habitats and evolution of species.

Study Day program

Students will spend half the day (two 60 minute sessions) at the Australian Museum, and the other half (two 60 minute sessions) at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. There is a 60 minute break for lunch and walk between the venues.

  • Australian Museum educator-led session where students investigate fossils, skeletons and DNA data from Australian animals to learn how comparative anatomy and genetics support the Theory of Evolution.
  • Australian Museum self-led session where students will be given an inquiry-based task centred in the Wild Planet exhibition. The task will require students to use deductive reasoning and their working scientifically skills to investigate extinct and extant specimens.
  • Botanic Gardens Greater Sydney educator-led session where students engage in field work using the site’s Eucalypt specimens to examine the role of divergent evolution in biological diversity. In learning about the way plant species are identified and classified and observing their adaptations, students develop an understanding of biological diversity and the theory of evolution.
  • Taronga Zoo educator-led session provides students the opportunity to engage with live animals while learning about the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. They will explore the impacts that selection pressures have on population dynamics. Students will discover how adaptations increase an organism’s chance of survival while interacting with a selection of Australian animals.

Royal Botanic Garden Biological Diversity
Royal Botanic Garden Biological Diversity image Image: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
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NSW (incorporating Australian Curriculum)


Stage 6

Module 3: Biological Diversity

The table attached shows which content descriptors are addressed at each session.

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Location: Australian Museum and Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney CBD

Dates: 11–14 June and 29-30 August 2024

Please note

Cost: $34 (GST included) per student

Duration: Four 60 minute sessions (9.30am - 2:30pm with a 60 minute break for lunch and to walk between venues).

Group size: Up to 30 students per session (four sessions per day) - smaller groups may be combined

Students need to be supervised at all times during the Biological Diversity Study Day. There is no set supervision ratio, however we allow free entry for teachers and accompanying adults at the ratio of 1:10 for secondary school groups and 1:1 for students with additional needs.

Booking information

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Dates will be allocated on a first-in-best-dressed system.

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Final confirmation
Final booking numbers must be confirmed at least 14 days prior to the scheduled visit.

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Changes and cancellations
Any changes to numbers or cancellations must be made in writing by emailing before the date for Final Confirmation (14 days prior to your visit).

Sessions require a minimum of 20 students to go ahead. While we make all attempts to combine schools to reach the minimum, we may cancel sessions if this minimum number cannot be reached.

Payment and billing
A tax invoice based on Final Confirmation details will be issued prior to your visit.

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Our payment terms are nett 14 days. However, it is the AM’s strong preference that bookings be paid in full prior to the visit.

Adjustments on the day – the AM will adjust the invoice amount and you must pay the difference where:

  1. Group numbers increase from Final Confirmation numbers; or
  2. the Group changes to a more expensive booking/ticket.

The adjusted invoice payment terms are nett 14 days. To be clear, where numbers are less than Final Confirmation numbers, no deductions or refunds will be given.

Group Bookings Terms and Conditions

Parking and public transport information is available for the Australian Museum and the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

  • Please plan to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to your booked session.
  • When you arrive you will need to provide staff with your booking confirmation number, school name, student and teacher attendance numbers for the day.
  • In the event of a late arrival to the venue or a booked session, some parts of the session may need to be cut from the program to keep to the scheduled finish time.
  • Students are encouraged to take photos, video and/or audio to record their excursion.
  • Teachers and supervising adults are required to stay with their groups at all times.
  • Disciplining of students remains the responsibility of teachers and supervising adults accompanying the group.

Teachers and group leaders completing a risk management plan should be aware that the Australian Museum cannot complete the risk assessment for them. Please contact the Group Bookings Office to request a copy of the Venue and Safety information for Groups.

A complimentary pass can be provided to assist teachers and group leaders to familiarise themselves with the site prior to visiting. Please contact the Group Bookings Office to arrange this.

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