AM Group bookings

1. All Group Bookings are subject to these Group Booking terms and the AM reserves the right to amend them at its discretion at any time. The AM also reserves the right to suspend Group Bookings at any time.

2. Group Bookings made through the Group Bookings Office will be issued with a Booking Confirmation and Confirmation Number, which will include details about your booking date, start time(s), numbers, types of tickets and cost. This is not a tax invoice.

3. All Group Booking entry to the Australian Museum is subject to our Terms of Entry except as varied by these AM Group Booking terms. Students and children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a teacher or other adult. Teachers and group chaperones are responsible for student behaviour.

4. You will be provided a scheduled arrival time for your Group Booking. Early or late arrivals will be accommodated where possible, but we may not always be able to guarantee facilitated education programs or exhibition entry as booked if your timings change.

5. Limited bag storage is available for Group Bookings. If the storage is unavailable, you may have to carry your bags during your visit. Please do not bring bags larger than A4 size, long umbrellas or bulky items.

Changes and Cancellations

7. Final Confirmation
a) For self-led visits and educator-led programs, final booking numbers must be confirmed at least 14 days prior to the scheduled group visit.
b) For bookings including special and paid exhibitions, final booking numbers must be confirmed at least 28 days prior to the scheduled group visit.

8. Any changes to numbers or cancellations must be made in writing by emailing before the date for Final Confirmation. This includes changes to group numbers, dates, times and types of tickets.

9. A tax invoice will be issued prior to your visit based on Final Confirmation details.

10. The Bookings Office is closed on weekends and no changes or cancellation requests will be actioned during this time.

11. COVID-19 – until further notice, all group bookings need to act responsibly by ensuring that they follow procedures to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19. This includes monitoring hotspots in the 14 days prior to the scheduled group visit and if the group originates from a designated hotspot in the 14 days prior to the schedule group visit, informing the AM so that we can re-schedule your group booking. Apart from your rights under the Australian Consumer Law, this is the only circumstance in which the AM will re-schedule Group Bookings within 14 days without applying re-ticketing fees. Third party transaction fees still apply and will be added to the invoice.

Payment and Billing Information

12. The AM requires a range of information to process group bookings. Without the necessary information being provided, the AM may not be able to confirm your Group Booking. Please complete all fields which are marked as compulsory when you make your Group Booking.

13. If the booking is being made on behalf of another organisation, please specify which contact details should be used for billing and which should be used for general communication about the booking.

14. A Tax Invoice based on Final Confirmation details will be issued prior to the visit via email. Please advise at the time of booking if the tax invoice needs to be issued to a different contact name or email address. NSW Department of Education schools that use the EDConnect payment system should advise this at time of booking and provide a purchase order number if required.

15. Our payment terms are nett 14 days. However, it is the AM’s strong preference that bookings be paid in full prior to the visit.

16. Adjustments on the day – the AM will adjust the invoice amount and you must pay the difference where:

i) Group numbers increase from Final Confirmation numbers; or
ii) the Group changes to a more expensive booking/ticket.

The adjusted invoice payment terms are nett 14 days. To be clear, where numbers are less than Final Confirmation numbers, no deductions or refunds will be given.