Primary school students in Wild Planet
Petersham Public School students visit Wild Planet. Image: Anna Kucera
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A Day at the Museum is a special access initiative to enable eligible students to attend free educator-led programs and special exhibitions at the Australian Museum. It ensures that the exciting experience of visiting our exhibitions, engaging in an educator-led program and visiting Sydney's CBD is possible for more Australian students, and for a whole day! If eligible, schools can book up to 120 students into A Day at the Museum per financial year, subject to availability.

Through the generous support of the Australian Museum Foundation and the Neilson Foundation, the Australian Museum will provide the following for eligible primary and secondary students:

  • travel reimbursement of up to $10;
  • free general entry; and an educator-led program, event or self-led special exhibition visit
  • packed lunch on the day of the visit


  1. Eligible groups include all Australian primary and secondary schools with an Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) value of less than 1000, or a special school, as defined by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).
  2. Access is limited to 120 students per school per financial year.

Eligible educator-led programs, events and self-led special exhibition visits

Animals in our living world (Early Stage 1 & Stage 1)

Dinosaurs: Feathers, teeth and claws (Early Stage 1 & Stage 1)

Caring for Sea Country: Garrigarrang (Stage 2)

Features of Country: Weaving plants and fibres (Stages 2-3)

Animal features and the environment (Stages 2-3)

Minibeasts (Stages 2-3)

Earth: Rocks and minerals (Stages 2-3)

Pasifika Roots: Wansolmoana (Stages 2-3)

First Nations Gallery tour (Stages 4-6)

Cracking the genetic code (Stage 4-5)

*Biological Diversity Study Days are not eligible programs for A Day at the Museum.

  1. View the details of our available educator-led programs, events or special exhibitions on the Australian Museum website.
  2. Decide which program, event or exhibition you would like to book and then click 'Book now'.
  3. Choose the date and the time that best suits and select the number of students and teachers. Note: this will depend on what is available.
  4. Enter your ICSEA value in the box provided. You can use the My School website if needed.
  5. Click 'Register'. You will then receive a confirmation email.
  6. The groups booking team will confirm eligibility for A Day at the Museum. If you meet the criteria, you will receive an email from our Group Bookings team with next steps, including: a proposed time for your lunch, your lunch order options (note: there are only two options and dietary requirements are not catered for at this stage), a film and photography consent form and your time of arrival.
  7. Ensure you read the terms and conditions and prepare for your visit.

If you would like further information about this access initiative or would like to discuss excursion options, please contact our Group Bookings team at or 02 9320 6222

  1. Make full payment for your students’ transport costs with your transport provider.
  2. Attend the excursion.
  3. Following the excursion, email our Group Bookings team with your school's tax invoice issued to the Australian Museum to claim the reimbursement for your transport costs (up to $10 per student plus GST who attended).
    If you are a DET school you may need to raise a SAP order for the tax invoice. Please make sure that your invoice includes as the contact email address and Australian Museum Education as the contact to avoid delays in processing.
  4. You must also forward evidence/documentation showing payment of the transport to the Group Bookings team. This could include a receipt with $0 balance from your transport provider, copies of Opal Card transactions. For reimbursement requests for fuel you will need to fill up your vehicle directly prior to the trip, and then again at the end of the trip. Both receipts need to be provided and only fuel used for the trip will be considered.
  5. Our Finance and Group Bookings team will verify the number of students who attended the excursion and check the transport invoice against these numbers.
  6. Please note that the transport reimbursement can only be paid for the number of students that attend the excursion. Transport costs of students who were booked, but were not able to attend on the day, cannot be claimed.

  1. The Australian Museum reserves the right to vary the terms, suspend or discontinue this initiative at any time. Once we confirm your booking, the AM will honour the terms (working through any changes with you if necessary), even if the initiative is suspended or discontinued before your booked date.
  2. Funds will be allocated in the order that bookings are confirmed.
  3. A maximum of 120 students per school will be approved for A Day at the Museum in each financial year period (30 students for Sydney Science Trail). Additional students may also attend the excursion with costs payable by the school/student. Any costs (additional lunches, specific educator-led programs, special exhibition tickets, etc.) payable to the AM must be paid by the school prior to the visit.
  4. A Day at the Museum will provide up to $10 per student as a reimbursement to the school for travel costs incurred to visit the Australian Museum. Reimbursement will only be made on receipt of invoice from school with supporting evidence of travel cost incurred.
  5. A Day at the Museum will provide free general entry to the Australian Museum, and participation in one educator-led program or one special exhibition visit or one event for each student. A Day at the Museum does not include Biological Diversity Study Days.
  6. A Day at the Museum will provide one packed lunch for each eligible student from the Australian Museum catering partner, The Fresh Collective, for pick up at the Australian Museum on the day of the visit. Students attending Sydney Science Trail as part of this program do not receive lunch.
  7. Where your school participates in A Day at the Museum, it is a condition that (if requested by the AM) any students, teachers and chaperones from your school consent to:
    a. (photo and video release) being photographed and/or recorded during their excursion to the AM. As part of the parental consent for their child to attend any excursion which is subsidised by the Australian Museum Foundation (whether their child is subsidised or not), the school is responsible for getting each parent’s signed release (form to be provided to the school) and providing it to the AM before your booking is confirmed. Each attendee from your school permits the AM and AMF to use any images taken in any and all media, worldwide, in perpetuity without compensation or other consideration. Where possible, we will credit the name of your school.
    b. (publishing comments) comments collected being published and communicated by the AM and AMF in order to publicise the work of the AM and AMF and to improve A Day at the Museum. Where specific comments are attributable to a student, will publish the child’s first name and first initial of their surname, age and school only.
  8. A Day at the Museum is subject to AM Group Bookings terms and conditions.
  9. Any personal information collected under A Day at the Museum is subject to the AM’s Privacy Statement and is shared with the AM Foundation.
  10. Packed lunches are supplied by the AM’s inhouse caterer, The Fresh Collective. A Day at the Museum is subject to The Fresh Collective and, to the maximum extent possible, the AM and AMF are not liable to any person for any injury, loss or damage suffered by them as a result of consuming packed lunches under this initiative. Schools are responsible for reading the Order Terms and Conditions and satisfying themselves that each child receives a packed lunch which can be safely consumed by them.

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