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The Australian Museum logomark is a registered trademark of the Australian Museum and cornerstone of our brand identity system. Derived from patterns and shapes found in our natural and cultural collections, the zig-zag moves in all directions representing our past, present and future. It is a metaphor: a heartbeat, a living museum.

The simple, clear AM zig-zag ensures instant recognition across applications and platforms.

Critical to the success of the Australian Museum identity, the logomark should be presented consistently and clearly across all communications.

Terms of Use - by using the Australian Museum logo or assets you agree to the Terms of Use.

Logo use

Mono Logo

The solid mono logo has been developed for use on colour backgrounds and imagery. The black logo is to be used against light colours and imagery. The white logo is to be reversed against dark colours. A high level of contrast should always be achieved. Complex, distracting imagery should never be used behind coloured or mono logos.

Logo animation

See motion page for guidelines.

Clear Space and Minimum Size

A consistent clear space should be applied around the logomark to ensure it displays clearly and is not crowded. Spacing should be more than ½ the width of the A in AM. The logo should never be smaller than 30mm or 100 pixels wide.

Logo Clear Space and Minimum Size
Guidelines around Australian Museum logomark clear space and minimum size. Image: None
© Australian Museum

Partner Logo Spacing

When the logomark appears next to partner logos, allow a full A width distance apart. Logos should be equal in height, where possible. When a divider is used, it should be placed a ½ A width between logos.

Partner Logo Spacing
Guidelines around spacing between the Australian Museum and partner logos. Image: None
© Australian Museum

Partner Logo Spacing with Divider
Guidelines around spacing between Australian Museum and partner logos with a dividing line. Image: None
© Australian Museum

Logo alignment

Follow the brand grid system to ensure the logomark is placed and scaled consistently across different size media. The logomark should always be three columns wide and placed in either the top-right or bottom-right corner of a layout.

Use a single column margin to ensure that logo clear space is adhered to.

Logo Alignment
Guidelines around logo alignment in different layouts. Image: None
© Australian Museum

Logo Misuse

Do not alter the logomark in any way.

Logo Misuse
Guidelines around how not to use the Australian Museum logomark. Image: None
© Australian Museum