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The Australian Museum logo is the centrepiece of the brand, highlighting the themes of nature, culture, and time. The logo’s animation, the two trailing zig zags forming the AM symbol, represents this ‘coming together’ of values.

The logo animation strikes a balance between playful and considerate, and is designed to suit a wide variety of contexts. It should be used to introduce motion content or conclude it (as a simplified endframe).


The logo animation also comes in a mono-colour variant to apply over colour footage and imagery.


The endframe is an essential element in the AM’s motion branding. It allows for consistency between external motion communications, and directs viewers to the AM website through a CTA.

The endframe should be utilised at the end of all promotional video content. The endframe speed should not be altered.

Logo Bug

The logo bug is a subtle way to ensure the AM brand is present throughout a piece of video content.

It is most suitable placed over long-form videos which are footage or imagery based. To keep this element consistent, do not alter the position or scale of the logo bug.

The logo bug may be changed from white to black, however it should remain the same colour throughout a single video.