Burra learning space

Burra the Australian Museum’s innovative learning and play space opened in 2022, taking visitors on a fascinating journey through Country while immersing them in Western science and First Nations knowledges. The space traces the incredible migration of burra (eel) along estuaries and rivers, across rockpools, and out to sea. Embracing a ‘many-ways’ learning approach, Burra is dedicated to child and family learning while challenging traditional museum practices. At the 2023 Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNAs), Burra won the Interpretation, Learning & Audience Engagement category.

Nocturnal Worlds podcast

Nocturnal Worlds
Nocturnal Worlds podcast Image: EviO © Australian Museum
Nocturnal Worlds podcast
Audiocraft team making recordings for the Nocturnal Worlds podcast Image: Supplied © Audiocraft

The AM’s podcast, Nocturnal Worlds: journeys through nature for sleep and relaxation, weaves together a symphony of nature sounds and captivating storytelling in an audio experience that highlights Australia’s unique nocturnal ecosystems.

Each episode delves into the hidden lives of three iconic Australian animals — the Powerful Owl, the Red-Crowned Toadlet, and the Long-finned Eel — unveiling their captivating nightlife. The Long-finned Eel was inspired by Burra learning space, and portrays a sonic experience of the journey of eels from the Pacific Ocean into the Sydney Basin.

By combining the expertise of scientists from the Australian Museum with Audiocraft's audio production expertise, Nocturnal Worlds transcends mere narration; it crafts a sonic experience that gently lulls listeners into a state of relaxation while effortlessly blending storytelling with factual information.

The 2023 Eureka Prizes

At a black-tie event in late August, a total of $180,000 in cash prizes was awarded to 18 recipients of the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prizes. Now in its 33rd year, the Eureka Prizes celebrates outstanding achievements in Research and Innovation, Leadership, Science Engagement, and School Science.

As she congratulated this year’s winners, the AM’s Director and CEO, Kim McKay AO, emphasised the importance of Australian scientific innovation in addressing global changes.

As the world faces unprecedented challenges such as accelerating climate change, Australian scientists continue to lead, innovate and inspire.

Kim McKay AO, Director and CEO of the Australian Museum.

In addition to the Eureka Prizes, the 2023 Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) Medal — which is presented to a staff member, Senior Fellow or team from AMRI for outstanding science and communication of their research outcomes — was awarded to Dr Jodi Rowley. An eminent herpetologist and the co-founder and science lead of the award-winning citizen science project FrogID, Jodi was recognised for her multidisciplinary, innovative work at the forefront of biodiversity conservation.

Watch the 2023 Eureka Prizes Award Ceremony

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