In October 2002, Professor Wood was propelled into the media spotlight when a number of survivors from the Bali bombings arrived at Royal Perth Hospital. Her ultimate aim is to achieve scarless healing of burns, ensuring the scar is worth the pain of survival.

Professor Fiona Wood
Professor Fiona Wood at the Australian Museum for National Science Week 2011 Image: Val Gregory
© Australian Museum

She has gained international recognition for her patented invention of spray on skin cells for burns victims.

Fiona met with students, to talk about her life and her dedication to the future of scar-free skin grafts as part of a National Science week event. Fiona told of her experiences treating burns throughout the Bali bombings, she spoke about a multi-disciplinary clinical and scientific team approach and to inspire students to consider a career in burns treatment research.

Fiona then fielded questions from a captivated audience, and gave advice on how we can make a difference if we are called to respond where someone has had a burn.