AM Indigenous Education Project Officer Renee Cawthorne with cadets Jhade and Katelyn
On 16 - 18 October, the AM’s two Indigenous cadets working in the education team (Jhade and Katelyn) took part in an Indigenous Youth summit called Murama, held this year at Sydney Olympic Park. Image: Australian Museum
© Australian Museum

The inaugural Indigenous Youth Summit Murama was held at Sydney Olympic Park 16 - 18 October 2016

On 16 – 18 October, Jhade and Katelyn the Australian Museum Indigenous cadets took part in an Indigenous Youth summit called Murama. Over 100 Indigenous student youth leaders (14-24 years) from Cairns, Canberra, Dubbo, Bathurst, Campbelltown and St Clare the opportunity to meet and share elements of their culture. The student youth leaders delivered workshops for over 250 participating students from local Sydney schools. Cultural workshops included dance, song art, storytelling, weaving and more.

The Australian Museum cadets were there to support leaders and students and to showcase and interpret our cultural collections to deepen Indigenous leaders’ and school students’ connections to and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. During the opening ceremony, Uncle Greg Simms from Dharag country gave a Welcome to Country and a smoking ceremony. Following this he met the 100 individual youth leaders and each of them introduced themselves to Uncle Greg and said where they were from (language group) and were cleansed as they walked through the smoke.

It was fantastic to have our two Indigenous cadets (who fall into the youth age group) be there to act as role models and mentors for emerging Indigenous leaders and local school students.