170 students gained a deep insight into Alexander the Great during two HSC Study Days for Ancient History Students in February.

Students had the opportunity to experience fascinating lectures by three visiting lecturers Dr Jennifer Lawless, Dr Craig Barker and Dr Chris Forbes.

Dr Lawless, the Board of Studies Inspector for History, gave students constructive tips and common mistakes to avoid in their future HSC Ancient History examination.

Dr Forbes, a historian from Macquarie University, spoke to students about the scarcity and reliability of written sources relating to Alexander. Dr Barker, an archaeologist from the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney, presented an intriguing lecture about the archaeological evidence.

Students were guided through the Alexander the Great: 2000 years of treasures exhibition and asked some challenging questions during a panel discussion session in the afternoon.

Students commented:

  • "I really enjoyed the artifacts in the flesh to make my own interpretation. Beats seeing it in a textbook! "
  • "Provided in-depth understanding of content relevant to the Alexander HSC option."
  • "It was engaging and relevant to the HSC course."
  • "I loved seeing all the artifacts and found the lectures useful and engaging."

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