It was a wonderful feeling for Karen and I to open the box, pull out the contents and install the Museum2you display for its official launch last week. Almost 2 years of hard work has finally come to fruition.

The display was installed in the Australian Museum’s roof terrace room overlooking the city, Hyde Park and St Mary’s Cathedral — a gorgeous place to celebrate! Everyone who contributed to the project was invited to share morning tea and have a look at the final product. All were impressed with the display elements, the objects and support materials. No one could believe that all this stuff fits in the big black box on wheels.

Thank you to our focus group for your insight on the Museum2you structure and content and to North Sydney Council, the Watershed, Sydney Water, Save Power and Sustaining Our Towns for sharing their resources for the project. Thank you to the Australian Museum editor, design team, photography team, marketing team and production team for all their hard work — their talent and expertise are invaluable. Finally, thank you to the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability for being the first to trial a Museum2you module and run some programs with their community.

Our six Museum2you boxes are now visiting the cities of North Sydney, Tamworth, Blue Mountains, Port Macquarie, Mulwala and Orange and will soon be on their way to Hawkesbury, Albury, Wyong Shire, Bankstown and Fairfield.

The boxes have hit the road!