On the night of last Tuesday's Jurassic Lounge visitors were asked to give their feedback. We put up some feedback forms where people could write their comments on. Also, we asked them specifically what they liked best about Jurassic Lounge. It worked out very well, we got some great feedback

About the Museum
- Oh my God, I saw a dinosaur
- Wildlife Photographer of the Year – ace
- Finally, I saw a platypus
- I like dinosaurs raaawwwrr!
- I saw a geode, today was a good day.

About Jurassic Lounge specials
- Silent Disco Rocks!
- The magician was great.
- I liked the moscato
- Tunes + dinosaurs = awesome
- Fantastic, make it a regular event!

Overall quotes
- You guys make a museum cool
- This is a scientists dream...
- So excited!
- I love this place
- Fun night, thumbs up!
- Knowledge is fun. Knowledge + wine is funner...

UPDATE: Visit www.jurassiclounge.com for the latest information on these spectacular nights.