Our three crocs, Snappy, Eric and Sobek, are always a hit with visitors and it is once again time for us to drain, clean and do any maintenance work on their exhibit to ensure that it is up to the task of looking good, holding water and of course holding the crocs!

Freshwater Crocodile, Crocodylus johnstoni
Freshwater Crocodiles, Crocodylus johnstoni. This young croc is Eric and lived for a time in Surviving Australia. Image: Chris Hosking
© Australian Museum

One of our three young Crocodiles, 'Snappy', has moved on from the Australian Museum after reaching his maximum size for the exhibit. He has been re-homed with another exhibitor in Sydney.

The two remaining crocodiles, 'Eric' and 'Sobek', have a bit more growing to do and so will return to display in a few days, after staff have completed the scheduled exhibit maintenance and cleaning.

All three crocodiles were given a health check, weighed and measured before being removed from Surviving AustraliaThe exhibit will then have all its fittings, furnishings and substrate removed before everything is checked and given a good scrubbing.