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    Length (head to tail): 4-5m


8 million years ago, late Miocene.


This large crocodile is similar to the Cleaver-headed Crocodile of Riversleigh, but even larger. In fact, it was the largest crocodile to live in Australia during Miocene times. Its long, curved teeth made quick work of mammals and the other animals that were its prey.


Fossils of the Alcoota Cleaver-headed Crocodile were discovered at Alcoota Station in the Northern Territory. The first fossil of an Alcoota Cleaver-headed Crocodile that was found had part of a marsupial lion skull in its jaw.

Did you know?

Staying out of the water was no protection against the Alcoota Cleaver-headed Crocodile: it was partly terrestrial, spending plenty of time on the land.