Australia's extinct animal: Alcoota Kolopsis, Kolopsis torus Click to enlarge image
Alcoota Kolopsis (Kolopsis torus) Image: A Musser
© A Musser

Fast Facts

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    Length (head and body): 1.5 m; 80cm tall (at the shoulder)
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    Fossil Record
    Miocene Epoch
    (24 million years ago - 5 million years ago)


8 million years ago, late Miocene.


The Alcoota Kolopsis is a diprotodontoid marsupial that browsed on leaves and stems in the subtropical open woodlands. Its closest living relatives are the wombats and Koalas.

The Alcoota Kolopsis lived at a time in Australia when big, lumbering diprotodontoids outnumbered kangaroos in number of kinds and number of individuals.


Fossils of the Alcoota Kolopsis come from Alcoota Station in the Northern Territory. A complete skull has been found, as well as some individual teeth.

Did you know?

Alcoota Kolopsis probably travelled in large herds.