After enjoying six months of alone time in our Spiders — Alive and Deadly exhibition, a Rainforest Scorpion now has her pedipalps full. 

The Rainforest Scorpion Hormurus waigiensis surprised Museum staff when she appeared recently carrying several live offspring on her back.

Given she's had no contact with other scorpions since the opening of the exhibition almost 6 months ago, it seems she's been pregnant all along! While a bit unexpected, this makes sense given the gestation period for this species is at least 9 months.

Rainforest Scorpions can have up to 20 live offspring in one gestation period. These babies then ride on their mother's back for a few weeks, though may stay close to her for up to 2 months after birth.

We might be biased, but we think our 'scorplings' are the cutest around. Don't take our word for it, come and judge for yourself!

Spiders — Alive and Deadly is on now at the AM.