My week of work experience with the Australian Museum has taught me that there is more to the Museum than meets the eye!

This past week I have been lucky to have a small taste of what it might be like to work at the Australian Museum. It was a wonderful week and as well as learning a lot, it was great to have the opportunity to work alongside many different people in the Exhibition and Education departments at the Australian Museum.

In one word my week can be described as busy. I have been on numerous tours of the Museum including the First Australians Galleries and some behind the scenes areas such as the Pacific Collections and the DNA labs. I spent a lot of time with the Science Engagement and Events team who organise the Australian Museum Science Festival, an event my school participated in this year, so I loved being able to meet the organisers and even have the opportunity to help them with next year’s preparations. I was also able to watch one of the educational programs the Museum runs for primary school students which led to me creating my own activity that could possibly be implemented into future classes. Last but not least I spent a day with the Digivol team. Digivol is a program that I didn’t even know existed until this week and involves volunteers creating digital records of Museum objects.

There are so many other things that I learnt this week. For instance, I learnt that there is only approximately 1% of the 18.4 million specimens held by the Museum on display and also that the Museum has a large scientific research institute called the Australian Museum Research Institute. I have learnt more about Australia’s history and even picked up a few interesting fact. Did you know that koalas have two thumbs? Most importantly though, I have learned the importance of enjoying your job, team work and organisation which I will carry onto my future ventures.

As a student interested in both history and science the Australian Museum has been a perfect place to do my work experience. I have gained so much from it and am now able to think a little clearer about possible pathways I could take in the future. Being able to go behind-the-scenes has allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of the amount of work and preparation that goes into what the public experiences, and it is clear to see that the wonders and treasures within this museum are not just in displays but are the people that make them happen.

Eleni, Work Experience Student December 2016