Sport: Levelling the playing field

NITV’s Yokayi Footy presenter Bianca Hunt and Professor John Maynard, Chair of Aboriginal History at the University of Newcastle, talk opportunities, barriers and responsibilities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sportspeople past and present.

Sport has allowed First Nations people to compete as equals on the field. Success offers possibilities of financial reward and social acceptance far above that which might be otherwise available. Yet as time goes on, we find sport and racism cannot be separated.

When he lifted that jumper up and pointed to his skin..."I'm black and I'm proud of it"... is one of the greatest sporting moments in this country. Professor John Maynard

Bianca Hunt

Proud First Nations woman Bianca Hunt, former Co-Host of Yokayi Footy has a wide range of experience across government, corporate, non-profit and most recently media. Bianca has a dual degree in Business (Management) and Creative Industries (Entertainment Industries) and endeavours to have a positive influence on media across her career.

Bianca Hunt
Sports presenter Bianca Hunt. Image: Supplied by Bianca Hunt
© Bianca Hunt

Professor John Maynard

Professor John Maynard is a Worimi Aboriginal man from the Port Stephens region of New South Wales. He is currently Chair of Aboriginal History at the University of Newcastle and Director of the Purai Global Indigenous and Diaspora Research Studies centre.

Professor John Maynard
Professor John Maynard, , Chair of Aboriginal History at the University of Newcastle. Image: Supplied by John Maynard
© John Maynard

John gained his PhD in 2003, examining the rise of early Aboriginal political activism. He has worked with and within many Aboriginal communities, urban, rural and remote. Professor Maynard’s publications have concentrated on the intersections of Aboriginal political and social history, and the history of Australian race relations. His work has impacted through a wide range of important research articles published in major peer-refereed journals and publications in Australia, United States and England.

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