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The future is female! We turn the spotlight on some of the incredible 2023 Eureka Prize winners and finalists who represent the future of science in Australia.

Listen to the last of our Eureka Talks Series, as Associate Professor Alice Motion chats with some of the incredible 2023 Eureka Prizes winners and finalists. We will sit down with Dr Stephanie Partridge, Associate Professor Noushin Nasiri and Scientia Associate Professor Kate Quinlan and delve into the unique challenges and achievements of these three remarkable scientists, whose research and inventions are literally helping to save lives.

Recorded live at the Australian Museum on 23 September 2023.

I think in Australia and around the world we're making a lot of progress in terms of increasing representation of women and gender minorities in STEM... There's increasing numbers of women who are coming to do science at university. But there's still really big challenges. Associate Professor Alice Motion

Listen to Eureka Talks Series: I'd Like to Thank the Australian Museum

The Eureka Talks Series shines a light on research and innovations changing the fields of Climate, Health and Science Communication. Hear from Australian Museum Eureka Prize winners, finalists and other science leaders as they share their experiences, challenges and discoveries in their particular fields of research. The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes were established in 1990 to celebrate the work of Australian scientists, and how their contributions are producing world-leading results that can influence the lives of many across the globe.

Associate Professor Alice Motion

Westpac Research Fellow, Deputy Director (External Engagement and Academic Development) Sydney Nano Institute

Alice is recognised as a leading international science communicator and was awarded the Eureka Prize for Promoting Public Understanding of Science in 2020.

Alice’s research explores open source drug discovery, ways to connect people with science and make research more accessible. Alice is the creator of Live From The Lab, founder of the Breaking Good citizen science project, and co-host of ABC Science podcast Dear Science.

Dr Stephanie Partridge

Senior Research Fellow and National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow at the University of Sydney

Dr Stephanie Partridge's research is focused on harnessing digital technology to improve the lifestyle behaviours of adolescents to keep them healthy and productive throughout their life. Her research is centred on digital health and has a strong focus on research translation. She applies an adolescent rights’ approach to her research by incorporating direct adolescent participation and research co-production.

Associate Professor Noushin Nasiri

Head of NanoTech Laboratory, Macquarie University

Associate Professor Noushin Nasiri invented Sun-Watch, a smartphone-connected, wearable device designed to alert users in real-time to UV radiation overexposure. It relies on a nanostructure that allows a large surface area within the minuscule design. Customised to individual skin types, Sun-Watch will soon enter its next research evaluation stage.

Scientia Associate Professor Kate Quinlan

Scientia Associate Professor, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at UNSW Sydney

Kate Quinlan is a Scientia Associate Professor within the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at UNSW Sydney. She received her PhD from the University of Sydney in 2006 and, following postdoctoral appointments at the Children's Hospital at Westmead and the University of Cambridge, established her research group at UNSW Sydney in 2018. Kate has spent her research career studying gene regulation and metabolism. Along with a dedicated team of PhD students and honours students, Kate is applying this expertise to sickle cell disease and obesity with the aim of finding new therapies for these diseases.