The Cultural Collections team here at the museum looks after both ethnographical and archaeological material from cultures all over the world. Our Indigenous Australian collection holds approximately 40,000 ethnographic objects and one million archaeological artefacts representing the c

Besides our Indigenous Australian and Pacific collections we also look after about 10.000 objects from Asia, Africa and the Americas. Many people think that these objects just sit in museum storage without being used and just being locked away, but that is far from the truth..

In this blog we'd like to share some of the exciting things that go on behind the scenes in our collection areas - the research that is done, loans we send out for exhibitions here in Australia and overseas, in-house exhibitions we work on, the community members -both Indigenous Australian and Pacific Islander- that come and visit collections from their cultural heritage, community engagement projects we are part of, and in general give you an insight into the work we do every day looking after these cultural and historical significant objects.

So please feel welcome in our Peoples' Place, leave a comment or share a story, visit some of our other pages on this website, or come and visit the museum!