Here is a short list of how we can all care for our oceans to protect the beautiful marine life that lives there.

  • The first one is obvious. Reduce the use of plastic’s including bottles, bags and utensils.
  • Two, chemicals and detergents often end up in the drain where they eventually get washed out into the ocean so dispose of all harsh chemicals, detergents, paints and oil at appropriate centres.
  • Three, when visiting the beach make sure you put the rubbish in the bin and pick up any rubbish you see. Don’t remove shells, rocks or animals from rock pools as they are part of an important ecosystem. The only thing you should leave behind is your foot prints!
  • Four, when buying fish from your local supermarket choose sustainable seafood. If your local market doesn’t stock any ask them to order some in that way you are educating them as well. If you are eating out at a restaurant you can ask them if their seafood is sustainable too.
  • Five, buy your food from local organic farmers as it is better for you and there are less chemicals that end up in our rivers and oceans.
  • Six, plant lots of native plants in your garden as they need less water and no chemicals. You will attract native birds too!
  • Seven, if you are buying jewellery, things for the house or even for your fish tank make sure the products you buy are not made from real coral.
  • Eight, celebrate fish free Friday to allow stocks to replenish.
  • Nine, if you can walk to the beach or catch public transport.
  • Ten, spread the word. Talk to your friends and family about new information you have gained about how to look after the oceans and all that live in them.

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