Sponsored by the Australian Museum, a stunning photographic display of worms is hanging in the Australian Museum coffee shop. It includes an introductory poster explaining how this display is relevant to the upcoming conference and research being done at the Australian Museum.

Photographic display of polychaetes at the museum cafeteria.
Photographic display of polychaetes at the museum cafeteria. Image: Orlemir Carrette
© Australian Museum

Eleven images of live polychaetes taken both in situ (underwater) and in the laboratory highlight the beautiful colours and variety of body shapes, as well as feeding and reproductive types in marine worms for all museum visitors and staff to enjoy.

Each image is accompanied with a short label including the name of the worm, the names of the photographers and quick fun facts about each worm. Associated with each image is also a Quick Response (QR) Code for those wishing to use their smartphones in order to find out more about these fascinating animals.

Big thank you to photographers Roger Steene, Michael Aw, Greg Rouse, Gary Cranitch and Alexander Semenov; and Anna Murray, Debby White, Liz Cowell and Jenny Hooker for editing and coordinating the exhibition. Three images from the display have been reproduced as postcards that are available for sale in the Australian Museum retail shop. The photographic display will be open until October 31, 2013. After that date it will be travelling to Darwin.