After months at sea and dealing with all sorts of weather conditions the Plastiki and her crew arrived on our shores, in QLD, yesterday.

After years of researching, planning, building and sailing the Plastiki adventure is coming to an end –for now. During the whole process there has been many conversations, media coverage, twittering, visuals, blogs and Skype’s. The Plastiki message has been translated into many different languages but the meaning remains the same. Waste is a resource and we have to take care of our Oceans if we want it to continue to provide for us. We have to try and replenish our planets natural capital as we are all interconnected in some way. The Plastiki has highlighted issues and has provided us solutions for these issues, it’s time to take this new knowledge and apply it.

As the Plastiki makes its way down the coast to our beautiful harbour think about what this great adventure has achieved and what you can do today to improve your footprint on the planet.

To David and the crew you are inspiring, adventurous, amazing and generous. I am proud to be part (even though small) of this epic adventure and I look forward to watching the next stage of Plastiki’s message unfold. I learnt about Plastiki last August and I have enjoyed watching and learning every day since. I feel sad that this stage is almost complete but I feel excited at the same time because I know that there are many people in this world who care enough to take action and make a difference, especially you David. I truly hope that you have inspired many other “Plastiki” adventures to help our planets ecology.

See you all very soon!

Watch for media reports to see when Plastiki arrives, hopefully this weekend!!

Remember ‘Habits made today will help life tomorrow’.