Since our departure from Darnley Island in late May, the artists at Erub Erwer Meta have been busy making ghost net works for the museum.

Ghost net art: Work nears completion
Ghost net art: Work nears completion #4 Artist with the almost completed 'Garom' the rock cod. Left to right: Racy Oui-Pitt, Ellarose Savage, Lynnette Griffiths, Florence Gutchen, Alma Sailor, Nancy Naawi, Kapua Gutchen, Jimmy Thaiday and Maryann Bourne. Image: Louise Anson
© Erub Erwer Meta

Within a few days of our return, we were sent photos which showed the rapid progress that was being made on 'Garom' the rock cod. A steel frame had been made (the fish being divided into three sections for construction) and net stretched over it to create the body of the fish. A few weeks later, and the rock cod and 'Dauma' the mud crab are almost complete. Garom is huge at over 5.5 metres long! There will be a few finishing touches after arriving at Cairns to go on display at KickArts Contemporary Arts (5 August – 21 September) and then at the Australian Museum later this year.

The acquisition of the new ghost net works from Erub Erwer Meta (Darnley Island Arts Centre) was made possible by a grant from the Australian Museum Foundation and the bequest of Patricia M Porritt.